The result of a three years of development and refinement. The ACE monoblocks reproduce the sound of live music, exceptionally well with a wide range of audio products.

This performance is offered at a very affordable price. The Amp also offers excellent long term reliability. Do you know of another tube amplifier that has a full five year warrantee that includes tubes? Finally, it offers good looks as well. The Ace uses Tube Types that are currently produced and are available from vintage tube sources at reasonable prices. The circuit was designed to allow the Owner to voice the Amp by trying various tube types in the Voltage and Output stages. This flexibility allow the Amp to reach its full potential with a variety of music sources, loudspeakers and the preference of its Owner’s ears. The Ace amplifier has a variable feedback selector switch. Most audio amplifiers use negative feedback to reduce distortion and increase bandwidth. Some Single Ended Tube Amplifiers do not use global feedback, this makes their performance dependant on the loudspeakers they are mated to. The Ace Amp has feedback settings from zero to 8dB. Usually, negative feedback is only required when the Ace is mated to a loudspeaker that does not have a flat impedance curve or uses a complex crossover network.

Retail Price -- $ 1390 USD per pair, $ 700 USD per unit, price does not include shipping


A. OFC Connectors: Install oxygen free copper connectors in the amplifier. RCA Chassis Jack -- Vampire PM1F/OFC - OFC metal base with Hard Gold finish Speaker Binding Posts -- Vampire BP-HEX/OFC - OFC metal base with Hard Gold finish Replacing the standard brass body connectors with OFC provides a significant improvement in transient performance and low level detail resolution. The lack of nickel or silver sub-plating reduces any glare or grain in the upper midrange and high frequency.

Price: $ 93.00 USD per pair, $ 46.50 per unit

B. Input Volume Controls: ALPS 40mm Black Beauty potentiometers - Installing a monophonic volume control in the Ace amplifier offers two advantages; one, you do not require a line preamplifier stage. Two, you realize the full sonic benefits of a passive potentiometer stage in the right place, at the output end of the interconnect. At first glance, the option price of install this option may seem to add a significant cost to the amplifier's price. But when you compare these prices to the additional cost of a quality tube preamplifier, it's a bargain. Please remember these options do not include installing multiple input jacks and a source selector switch in the amplifier. There is not enough room in the ACE Amplifier for a properly implemented switch. The volume controls are installed in the front fact of the amplifiers mounted in a hole usually covered by the Abacus Audio Logo. We supply a special large Aluminum knob with our Logo installed in its face.

Price: $ 99.00 USD per pair, $ 50.00 per unit

C. OCCC Power Cord: Replace Standard Cord with 14 AWG Continuos Cast Copper Power Cord. High quality hospital grade IEC 320 and male line or mains plugs are used. OCCC wires are soldered to plugs with Chimera Laboratories copper content solder. A tough black polyester braided sleeve is used to protect the wires. The power cord is unshielded. The cord's diameter is approximately 0.5" -- 13 mm. Cable Length is 6' -- 1.83 meters. Custom lengths are available This power cord offers a significant performance improvement over standard power cords.

Price: $99.00 USD per pair, $ 50.00 per unit